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Automatic Word and Field Searches

Both the Word Search section and Field Search section are searched together automatically.

If you leave one section blank (e.g. Word Search), the other section (Field Search) will automatically be used and vice versa.

Word Search

Use this section when you want to search by descriptive keywords. In the tips below, "profile" means the content of the capabilities summary on Separate search terms with a character space.

Use these four word fields to narrow your search:

  • All the words – all the words must be in the profile, but they do not have to be together or in the same order you entered them.
  • Exact phrase – the exact phrase you entered must be in the profile, in the exact order of words you entered. There is no need to use quotation marks.
  • Any of the words – any of the words entered must be in the profile, but they do not have to be together or in the same order you entered them.
  • Without the words – profiles are excluded that contain the words entered.

For best results, choose your keywords wisely. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Try the obvious first. If you're looking for information on precision sheet metal fabricators enter "precision sheet metal" rather than "manufacturers".
  • Use words likely to appear. "Aerospace fabrics" gets better results than "places near Los Angeles that make cloth like stuff for jets."
  • Be specific. "Distributed information assurance" gets more relevant results than "high tech solutions".

Field Search

Use this section when you want to search by the fields shown on the search screen. Use the radio buttons “OR” and “AND” to be more specific.

  • OR Field Search – searches for only the first field entered in this section. For example area code OR zip code OR county, etc.
  • AND Field Search – searches for all the fields entered in this section. For example area code AND zip code AND county, etc.
  • See the examples in the parentheses by the search descriptor for formatting clues. For example, you may include multiple zip codes in a search by separating each zip code with commas.

Fine Tuning Searches

To search by very specific parameters and narrow your search here are several options - the more information you enter, the more fine tuned the search.

  • Use more terms in Word Search fields.
  • Use both Word Search and Field Search together by simply putting information in both sections.
  • In the Field Search section, use as many search fields as possible making sure you select the "AND Field Search" radio button. This will include all Field Search information that you enter.

If your search results return minimal responses, you may want to broaden your search.

  • Use the OR option to return profiles with ANY of the search terms.
  • Try more generic terms to describe what you want
  • Use fewer words and eliminate some or all of the Field Search fields.

Automatic Exclusion of Common Words

The Connectory ignores common words and characters such as "where" and "how", as well as certain single digits and single letters, because they tend to slow down your search without improving results.


Connectory searches are NOT case sensitive. All letters, regardless of how you type them, will be understood as lower case.

Word Variations (Stemming)

The Connectory uses "stemming" for "all of the words" and "any of the words" Word Search. For example, a search for "engineer" will yield results with engineer, engineers, and engineering.

Stemming is NOT used for "exact phrase" and "without the words" Word Search.

Portal Search

When performing a search within a specific portal, you are only searching assets within that portal.

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