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Resources > Success Stories has a proven ability to link companies to each other to pursue opportunities, solve problems, find similarly directed colleagues, and achieve business growth. It also has a track record of supporting economic development, industry/trade, and workforce development organizations understand the companies resident in their regions in order to craft effective programs. We've worked to capture some of the benefits and testimonials about the Connectory on the Success Stories page. We would be glad to add your story to the list.

When you know the Connectory has provided an opportunity, a sale, an answer to a question or problem, contact us at (619) 258-3670 or submit the information on the Contact Us page and reference "Success Story" in the subject line. We will review the information with you and post it on this page.

Benefits / Success Stories



Benefits / Success Stories 

Rapid identification of companies by capabilities: San Diego Aluminum Products - an aluminum manufacturer -- keeps its profile updated and expressed how much they love using the website! They said that the Connectory is user-friendly and makes finding and contacting other companies - including suppliers -- fast, easy, and effective.


Identification of specialized service critical to competitiveness: RhineAir, El Cajon aerospace manufacturer, searched the Connectory to identify ISO 9000 specialists that could prepare the company for ISO certification, a requirement for suppliers to aerospace primes. In addition to private providers, RhineAir discovered the California Manufacturing Technology Consulting (CMTC), a NIST-supported Manufacturing Extension Program (MEP) that could substantially reduce the cost of ISO implementation. (Connectory also brokered the contact between RhineAir and CMTC.)


Timely procurement - U.S. Navy satisfies critical network requirement required for specialized components for submarine that could not be satisfied through usual government channels in less than four months. Using, the prime found two California companies that could provide the required equipment in less than three weeks AND at reduced government supply price. One company is located in Rancho Cucamonga; the other, a small, disadvantaged company, is located in Irvine.


Cost savings - Prime Contractor located memory upgrade for submarine communications: A Navy prime contractor used to locate a source of memory upgrade for a submarine communications network from a Santa Clara company who was able to provide the needed upgrade quickly, at a fraction of Government's anticipated price.


Cost avoidance - Fast "trouble shooting" leads to repair vs. replacement of SATCOM network: A San Diego computer consulting company was located in to "trouble shoot" and repair a downed satellite communications network installed at a secure, operational satellite communications center for $1,500. Without this intervention, the government would have spent over $100,000 to acquire a new network node.


Timely identification - Locating a regional source for quick supply action -- miniature network switches: was used to locate the California office of a distributor of miniature network switches to provide components for installation an Atlantic Fleet support center. Attempts to locate the Maryland based office of the company, identified originally, were unsuccessful. Until a search turned up the Temecula division and secured the item, the Navy was considering another slower, more expensive solution.


Add cost-effective expertise for contract bid: - was used to identify four new companies who joined forces to submit a winning proposal team for the SeaPort e contract. Teaming on Seaport opens opportunities to small California companies who otherwise would be challenged to compete with large contractors.


Open opportunities in Federal Research and Development to small companies - US Air Force SBIR. The U.S. Air Force used the to find companies that might offer a solution to a long standing corrosion problem on its tactical containers and radomes. A small coatings company in El Cajon was able to bid and win two Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grants because it offered the most practical, cost-effective solution. The company was unaware of the SBIR program until the Air Force contacted them after being found in Connectory.


Identification of appropriate technology companies - working with intermediaries: The California Space Authority identified two companies in the that specialize in composite materials and referred them to a major satellite system manufacturer. Both of these companies have completed negotiations and have subcontracts to support a large defense program.


Commendations from Government Agencies: The U.S. Department of Commerce, the State of California, and the County and City of San Diego have commended in its efforts to capture the depth and breadth of California's industrial and technology base and its ongoing determination that companies located in underserved communities should be encouraged to participate in


Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Selection for R&D Project: DLA selected to develop new, more rapid means of identifying sources of products, technologies, services, and capabilities to meet warfighter needs. DLA has immense problems with hard-to-find parts for weapons systems and platforms that are still in operation years after their anticipated life cycle. is working to identify companies that have the capabilities required to make these parts from technical data packages or reverse engineer parts when the tech data package is lacking. We work with intermediaries like the Government-Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP) to develop case studies for our methods.


Key resource for organizations/supporting U.S. companies in global markets: The San Diego World Trade Center and the U.S. Department of Commerce both use the to save staff hours when identifying California companies to participate in Asia and other global trade opportunities. Hugh Constant, Vice President, SDWTC says that "In-depth Connectory profiles allow us to make quick decisions about contacting companies about trade missions, special trade support programs, and international business opportunities."


Kudos for Generating Effective Sales Leads: Dennis Twiss, the owner of Graffiti Patrol sent an e-mail to one week after posting his profile stating that he had already received three inquiries and made one sale and that these were leads he would not have received in any other way. Since that time, he has won several jobs via his profile including some with local governments and non-profit agencies.


Demonstrating valid opportunities for local participation in school bond projects: The Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District (GCCCD) has used to locate construction company sources to bid on building projects resulting from its local bond measure. Since beginning the program, GCCCD has awarded 134 contracts worth an estimated $88.8 million. San Diego East County contractors were awarded 38 of the 124 (28%), totaling approximately $29.7 million (33%).


Significant contributions to strategic planning process. The California Space Authority has partnered on numerous occasions with the on statewide projects in order to identify space enterprise companies for smart supplier programs, space research and development opportunities, and national and homeland security solutions. CSA named in its 2006 California Space Enterprise Strategic Plan implementation strategy because Connectory "allows us to understand and maintain real-time contact with our state's myriad space enterprises."


Virtual platform for Innovation Asset Mapping resource: In 2006, CSA made the "virtual platform" for its winning Department of Labor Workforce Innovation in Regional Economic Development (WIRED) grant for the California Innovation Corridor (CIC). For the WIRED initiative. A CIC Portal hosted on will provide an inventory, understanding of, and ability to track the Corridor's innovation assets and their immense economic benefit to California. It will add for the first time capability profiles for non-company innovation assets such as Federal laboratories and university and private research centers.


Leveraging a rich source of technology/innovation to support Homeland Defense: The Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) has tapped to develop search parameters to identify technologies and products that can detect and protect against chemical, biological, and radiological (CBR) threats. The output will be a report on available sources that DTRA may want to invite to participate in working groups as well as gap analysis of technical areas where U.S.-based capabilities are lacking.


Fast identification of teaming partners for proposals: An El Cajon manufacturer of Navy Tactical Data System (NTDS) products is thrilled with the way helped them identify and include teaming partners on a SPAWAR Systems Center, San Diego project. They located required engineering/installation expertise not typically related to its core manufacturing business to include in its team.


Reaching companies based on capabilities, not just products: California Manufacturing Technology Consulting (CMTC), Southern California's Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) affiliate, uses to identify companies capable of manufacturing critically needed military parts. "Connectory allows us to understand a company's capabilities before contacting them, "says CMTC engineer Frank Obrad, "and companies trust in the Connectory lets them know our call is legitimate."

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