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Success Stories

Space Enterprise success stories are available on the California Space Authority web page.

As CSA,, and its partners roll out the CA Aerospace Portal this page will document the real-world examples of the Aerospace Portal's applications, such as:

  • Powerful illustration of Aerospace Presence within/across Regions of California for Policymakers, Enterprise Stakeholders, and the public
  • Characterization of the Depth/Breadth of Aerospace Supply Chain
  • Quick Assessments of Markets, Technologies, Capabilities (Reporting)
  • Gap Analysis, Surveys, Workforce Analysis
  • Rapid Identification of Sources for Government, Primes, Investors
  • Targeted Outreach to Subsectors for Events, Relationship Building
  • SBIRs, Supply Chain Events, VC/Investor Events, Training, Opportunities, Policy/Advocacy

Some real world success stories include:

Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Selection for R&D Project: DLA selected to develop new, more rapid means of identifying sources of products, technologies, services, and capabilities to meet warfighter needs. DLA has immense problems with hard-to-find parts for weapons, aerospace, ground, and naval systems and platforms that are still in operation years after their anticipated life cycle. is working to identify companies that have the capabilities required to make these parts from technical data packages or reverse engineer parts when the tech data package is lacking. We work with intermediaries like the Government-Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP) to develop case studies for our methods.

Open opportunities in Federal Research and Development to small companies - US Air Force SBIR. The U.S. Air Force used the to find companies that might offer a solution to a long standing corrosion problem on its tactical containers and radomes. A small coatings company in El Cajon was able to bid and win two Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grants because it offered the most practical, cost-effective solution. The company was unaware of the SBIR program until the Air Force contacted them after being found in Connectory.

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