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Success Stories

Microdyne Plastics, Inc.

After weathering the recent recession, Judy Lopez, Director of Business Development at Microdyne Plastics realized the company needed to become more efficient and create more awareness of their business.

"As competition grew, we didn't want to lose jobs because we bid half a cent more than the company down the street," Lopez explained. "We needed to reevaluate our suppliers and our pricing structure, cut costs wherever possible and look at ways to aggressively market ourselves rather than rely entirely on word-of-mouth referrals."

Lopez learned about a LEAN Manufacturing Program funded by the San Bernardino County Workforce Investment Board. This program provides local employers an opportunity to receive consulting services in cost cutting and marketing at no cost.

In May 2011, Microdyne began an intensive process audit performed by California Manufacturing Technology Consulting (CMTC®) to locate areas where they could improve efficiency and implement an aggressive marketing plan. Microdyne also began designing a new website with Ron Stark of Voice Marketing, a local marketing firm.

Microdyne completed the program in September 2011 and recently launched their new website at

"We are far leaner and are proactively creating more sales using our new marketing strategy," Lopez said. “The WIB’s efficiency consulting program helped make our company much more competitive and I feel good we are now in a solid position to grow.”

Technical Employment Training

Technical Employment Training, Inc.’s (TET) first class was launched with an investment of $190,000 in federal funds administered by the San Bernardino County Workforce Investment Board. Skilled and certified machinists are in strong demand by local manufacturers but in short supply. A 501(c) 3 business-education cooperative, TET offers students 630 hours of On-the-Job Training to earn two National Institute for Metalworking Skills Machining Level 1 certifications.

TET is also a working machine shop that takes on projects from local businesses. This not only gives students hands-on training but also makes the school financially self-sufficient. Companies such as Kelly Space & Technology, Inland Machine and Aero Pro have brought projects to the TET shop.

In the first class, 31 students completed the program in December 2010. Of these, 27 were placed into jobs with local manufacturers. The direct return on investment to the government in federal and state taxes is estimated at nearly $300,000 in just one year.

After its first year in operation, TET enjoys an 80% job placement rate. Among the employers who have hired students include California Steel Industries, Inc., Sorensen Engineering and Sierra Aluminum.

Link to video testimonial:

Precision Hermetic Technology

Precision Hermetic Technology, located in Redlands, CA, manufactures high reliability electrical connectors for the military and aerospace industries. The intricately machined parts range in size from the head of a match stick to a couple of inches in diameter. Recently, the company partnered with the San Bernardino County Workforce Investment Board to take advantage of its award-winning hiring resources and services.

When President Daniel Schachtel needed to hire new employees, he reached out to the Business Resource Team to advertise his new job openings. Once he identified a few good candidates, he was able to take advantage of the On-the-Job Training funds that allowed Mr. Schachtel to receive a fifty percent reimbursement of the new employees' wages for three months while the new employees were trained in these manufacturing positions.

"The County has been a great resource for us, not only by helping reduce the financial impact of training new employees, but also helping us identify a pool of qualified individuals to choose from," Schachtel said. "The best way for the County to reduce unemployment is by assisting in the creation of manufacturing jobs, and they are very focused on this task."

The Business Resource Team offers many valuable services to assist businesses, from advertising and prescreening quality applicants, to free human resources consulting. All services are designed to help San Bernardino County businesses grow and prosper in order to promote jobs in the region.

reRubber LLC

Ontario-based reRubber LLC, a company that recycles scrap tires into eco-friendly raw materials is among 500 local businesses to benefit from the business survival workshops and other retention services last year.

Through the workshop series, reRubber connected with California Manufacturing Technology Consulting and enrolled in the Small Manufacturer’s Advantage® program. This program provided reRubber with leadership and support during their start-up phase. Support included advice and guidance on OSHA requirements, leaner manufacturing, quality control and certification from the International Organization for Standardization.

More than $9,000 of these consulting services was paid for be federal funding administered by the Workforce Investment Board, providing reRubber the chance to grow in San Bernardino County. As a result, the company has experienced accelerated development and is well-positioned for substantial business growth in 2010.

Southern California Logistics Airport School of Aviation

Southern California Logistics Airport School of Aviation was funded in part by the San Bernardino County Workforce Investment Board and Supervisor Brad Mitzelfelt of the First District in San Bernardino County. This school trains students to become FAA certified and licensed airframe and powerplant mechanics.

Students at the School of Aviation include recent high school graduates, women, veterans and dislocated workers. Thirty-nine out of 43 recently graduated students are employed at companies such as Lockheed Martin and Southern California Aviation.

Through strategic partnerships with the companies at SCLA, the majority of students apply what they are learning by working for businesses located at the airport, to maintain and repair cargo and passenger airplanes. The school boasts a 100% pass rate of the rigorous FAA testing. The average FAA score of SCLA students is an 80, ten points above the passing grade. Forty-two of the first graduating class were referred to the program through the Workforce Investment Board’s Employment Resource Center in Hesperia.

Link to video testimonial:

United Furniture Industries

United Furniture Industries opened a manufacturing and distribution facility in Victorville, CA in November 2011. The Business Resource Team of the San Bernardino County Workforce Investment Board was valuable partner in helping them hire the first group of employees to begin operations.
By hosting and publicizing a job fair in October 2011, the Business Resource Team attracted nearly 1,000 job seekers. United Furniture Industries hired 70 employees and plans to create approximately 400 new jobs in upcoming years.

“The availability of both a skilled and semi-skilled workforce is a major reason we chose Victorville, the SCLA complex and the High Desert Region of San Bernardino County,” said Bob Cottam, spokesperson for the company. “We are excited about the prospects for our success and the success of our new employees."
United Furniture has more than 2,200 employees and 3.8 million square feet of production and distribution space with locations in Okolona, Hatley, Nettleton and Amory Mississippi; Archdale, Winston Salem and Lexington, North Carolina; and now Victorville, California.

Today, United Furniture is one of the largest domestic producers of upholstered furniture. The company holds the exclusive licensing agreement as the U.S manufacturer of Simmons Upholstery. The company produces an extensive, affordable seating line of trendsetting furniture including sofa models, sectionals, chase lounges, recliners, motion sofas, juvenile seating and Hide-A-Bed sleepers.

Steven and Ryan Andrews, CEO and CFO of Products Techniques, Inc.

Products Techniques, Inc., a 65-year old manufacturer of coatings for the aerospace industry (PTI) was saved from layoffs and closure when they participated in the WIA-funded LEAN Manufacturing Program that helped them become ISO 9001 certified.
The company needed ISO 9001 certification by its defense and government contracts. If it did not comply, it would lose 80% of its customer base. PTI did not have the resources to undergo the process and faced layoffs or closure.

Through the WIA-funded LEAN Manufacturing Program, PTI worked with California Manufacturing Technology Consulting.® Within six months, PTI received ISO 9001 certification and reinvested resources to upgrade software systems and install new equipment. PTI retained its customers and employees.
Link to video testimonial:

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