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Stakeholders in the California Aerospace Portal hosted on are the catalysts behind the development and launch of the portal. At time of launch, the primary stakeholders are the California Space Authority, the California Transportation, and Housing Agency (BTH), and's managing entity, the San Diego East County Economic Development Council. As partners are added, they will appear in the table below.

The true Aerospace Portal stakeholders are the aerospace enterprise companies, entrepreneurs, government agencies, and academic research programs, that provide or support the delivery of hundreds of aerospace -related products and services.

Portal Partners

Partner NameDescriptionURL
Business, Transportation, and Housing Agency The Business, Transportation and Housing Agency includes 13 departments and several economic development programs and commissions consisting of more than 44,000 employees and a budget of $20 billion, a budget larger than that of almost half the states in the nation. The Agency's portfolio is one of the largest and most diverse in the State of California. Its operations address a myriad of issues that directly impact the state's economic vitality and quality of life including transportation, public safety, affordable housing, international trade, financial services, tourism, and managed health care. BTH is designated as the primary state agency for facilitating economic development and is the sponsor of the California Aerospace Portal hosted on
California Space AuthorityGoverned by a statewide board of directors, the California Space Authority (CSA) is a nonprofit corporation representing the commercial, civil, and national defense/homeland security interests of California's diverse space enterprise community in all four domains: industry, government, academia, and workforce. Designated as California's Spaceport Authority, CSA is a member-based "enterprise" association working closely with stakeholders statewide to facilitate California's competitiveness and space enterprise vitality.
California Space Education & Workforce InstituteThe California Space Education & Workforce Institute (CSEWI) is a 501(c)(3) organization that works closely with its parent organization, the California Space Authority (CSA). CSEWI’s mission is to inspire parents, educators, and students to engage in California-based space-related education and to attract, integrate and retain a robust California space workforce.
San Diego East County Economic Development CouncilThe San Diego East County Economic Development Council (ECEDC) is a full service economic development organization that has been supporting the eastern sub-region of San Diego County for the past 24 years. is the ECEDC flagship project. The Connectory focuses on primary industry/technology companies and their suppliers of goods and services. It combines the unparalleled speed and navigation capability of the Internet with a high quality company database that focuses on company capabilities and capacities at every level of the supply chain -- all at no cost to the company. The CA Aerospace Portal hosted on demonstrates the strong, decade-long relationship between CSA and East County EDC and a commitment to the value of California's rich, diverse aerospace and space assets.
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