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NOTE: Map loading time will vary depending on your computer's speed.

Prototype Northwest Network Dynamic Asset Mapping Capability

These interactive maps illustrate the distribution of Northwest Network assets profiled on Made possible by leveraged investment in the main Connectory application, this prototype represents the first phase of an evolving dynamic mapping capability.

Mapped Assets include:

  • Companies - Assigned one of six (6) Industry Categories
  • Federal Labs - Including R&D centers, test ranges, field stations
  • Universities - Public and Private University Research Centers, Institutes, Departments
  • Private Sector Research Centers/Institutes - Both affiliated and non-affiliated

In the initial map view showing the six-state Northwest Network region, the map "clusters" assets where there are dense populations.

Maps for individual Northwest Network states can be accessed via the links below the six-state map. At time of launch, there are individual maps for Oregon and Washington. Dynamic maps for Idaho, Montana, Alaska and Hawaii will be added as the Northwest Network continues to grow.

  • Oregon Map
  • Washington Map
  • Idaho Map – coming soon.
  • Montana Map – coming soon.
  • Alaska Map – coming soon.
  • Hawaii Map – coming soon.

Zooming in on the map near a cluster displays unique asset markers.

Click on an individual icon to collect information on assets or zoom in further on the map. Each icon contains the associated asset name, address, Connectory profile link, and driving directions.

The Search button provides filtering capability. For help, refer to the search instructions below the interactive map.

Searching and Navigation Instructions

  1. For any search, if you get the message "Data may still be loading -- drag or refresh the page to find out", do not wait for the page to finish loading, instead, zoom in or zoom out as necessary until you see the icons in the map.
  2. Search by Industry Category: Select one or more Industry Categories from the list. Companies or Assets will appear on the map using the color classification indicated in the left lower corner of the map.
  3. Click on a map icon to activate the information bubble that display company names, addresses, Connectory profile links.
  4. To view in-depth information on the company/asset, click on the Connectory profile link within the information bubble associated with each marker.
  5. Use the "Overlays" Radio Buttons if you want to see the limits of the Congresional Districs, Counties, Senate or House Districts where your search results fall in.
  6. Use the "More Search Options" tab to refine your search. Enter specific criteria for name, location, certifications, naics, capabilities or elevator speech.
  7. Navigate the map by clicking and dragging (up/down/left/right) and/or by zooming (in/out) using the scroll bar.

Downloadable Maps – Profiled Assets in Northwest Network Region

Downloadable maps available on each state page show the distribution of Northwest Network profiled assets. At time of launch, these maps cover counties, state legislative districts, and federal congressional districts in Oregon and Washington. As the Northwest Network profile population expands throughout the six-state region, additional pdf maps will be added. Each county and legislative map pdf contains dynamic layers that a user can add or subtract once the map is downloaded.

Frequency of Map Updates

The Northwest Network Dynamic maps are updated monthly. PDF maps are updated quarterly if the population of asset profiles in the specific map’s geography has changed during the quarter.

Caveats -- Assets added to the Northwest Network Portal between updates may not be represented. Assets that have relocated between updates may display at a former location. Assets that have closed operations between updates may not contain live links. Assets that do not provide a physical address for geocoding cannot be mapped.


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