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Welcome to - The Northwest Network - the Northwest Network - contains detailed capabilities profiles of Northwest industrial and technology companies across all industries at every level of the supply chain. The goal is to link Northwest businesses to each other and to provide information about the industrial and technology base of the economy. It also contains profiles of other critical assets in addition to companies, including federal labs, university and private research centers.

Profile concentration is highest where strong collaborations have been formed within regions, industries, and other communities of interest. Currently, those relationships exist primarily in Oregon (OR) and Washington (WA), but the Northwest Network is designed to include Idaho (ID), Montana (MT), Alaska (AK), and Hawaii (HI) asset profiles as well as those in OR and WA.

Interested in increasing company profile population in your Northwest state or region? Visit the Contact Us page to start the conversation.

Mapping the Connectory

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The Connectory is a nationwide, Web-Based Buyer-Supplier Network that provides

  • A unique way to connect with companies and other assets by understanding their capabilities
  • Powerful means for government, large company, and institutional buyers to identify sources of products, services, technologies, capabilities, and capacities
  • Detailed capabilities and capacities for companies at every level of the supply chain
  • Focus on manufacturing/technology companies and their supplier chain including wholesalers/logistics, technical services, construction, agribusiness, and mining
  • Showcase for tens of thousands of US companies at NO COST to them
  • Geocoding and interactive mapping feature for locating assets/resources
  • Internet speed/powerful search engine combined with in-depth company database
  • Commitment to usability, coverage, quality, and continual updating distinguishes it from any other available database
  • IT platform on which Communities of Interest (COI) can segment the Connectory database within Portals, specified by geography, industry, or other COI criteria

Important Pages

  • Success Stories - has a proven ability to link companies to each other to pursue opportunities, solve problems, find similarly directed colleagues, and achieve business growth. While the Northwest Network is brand new, check out some recent success stories from California; the birthplace of the Connectory.
  • Links - Visit our links page for additional resources from Northwestern states, the federal government, and other key partner organizations.
  • Maps - Visit this prototype of a dynamic GIS mapping feature that shows location of profiled Connectory Northwest Network assets. Permits limited searching and links mapped locations to individual profiles.
  • Projects - See overviews of ongoing Connectory projects.
  • News - News about the Connectory’s Northwest Network and its expansion through portals and partners.
  • Feedback - Your ideas and opinions matter! They can help as it continues to evolve to meet the needs of the Northwest's industrial and technology companies as well as economic development professionals in the public, private and non-profit sectors. Let us know about successes, frustrations, and how we can make this dynamic resource a better tool for you.
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24,294 companies are currently profiled on!
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The is a living application, and we anticipate several enhancements and content additions as the initiative unfolds. In the very near future, we will develop a "How-To" guide within the application that will help you get the most out of using the

We provide technical support for the website at any time. Should any technical issues arise when using the site, please or call (619)258-3670.

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