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Welcome to the California Aerospace Portal hosted on The CA Aerospace Portal maps aerospace companies, federal research labs, university research centers, and private research centers across the state of California. It illustrates the depth and breadth of California's aerospace enterprise by demonstrating the myriad contributors to aerospace/space products, technologies, and services.

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The California Aerospace is built upon the infrastructure of the Network, an existing, proven searchable platform accessible to all economic and workforce development and education stakeholders.

The main platform has, for almost 10 years, contained capabilities summaries of California industry and technology companies across all industries at every level of the supply chain.

Thanks to investment from the California Business Transportation and Housing Agency, the California Space Authority, and leveraged investment in the Connectory from federal, state, and private sector stakeholders, the California Aerospace Portal allows aerospace asset profiles to be segmented from the Connectory's main population so they can be searched, displayed, and mapped separately.

For purposes of the California Aerospace Portal, an asset is assigned to the portal if it self-identifies that its customer base (market share for companies and mission for public sector entities) include the Aerospace Industry Sector. Reviews of profile content ensure that the self-identification is supportable.

This core portal selection criterion demonstrates that the aerospace supply chain in California is much deeper and more dispersed than typically defined by industry studies based on aerospace-related North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) codes.

Portal Components

Search for Aerospace Assets by Products, Services, and Capabilities - Assets include companies, federal laboratories, university, and private research centers.

Mapping the California's Aerospace Assets

Maps - Visit this prototype of a dynamic GIS mapping feature that shows the location of California Aerospace assets profiled on This map permits limited interactive searching and links mapped locations to individual asset profiles. Static maps will be provided with selected overlays.

Links - Links to the California Space Authority Resource/Links page and provides other aerospace resource links.

Stakeholders - California partners, supporters, and affiliates associated with the California Aerospace Portal hosted on

Success Stories - Takes you to the CSA Enterprise Success Stories page and includes a growing collection of real-world applications of the CA Aerospace Portal hosted on

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The is a living application, and we anticipate several enhancements and content additions as the initiative unfolds. In the very near future, we will develop a "How-To" guide within the application that will help you get the most out of using the

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