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Welcome to the San Bernardino County Portal!


The San Bernardino Portal will allow you to focus your search on profiles of companies located throughout San Bernardino County. - platform contains detailed capabilities profiles of industrial and technology companies across all industries at every level of the supply chain. The goal is to link businesses to each other and to provide information about the industrial and technology base of the economy.

The County of San Bernardino Workforce Investment Board dedicates federal dollars to fund business support programs and assist local employers with job creation and retention.

The Business Resource Team develops relationships with employers throughout the County. They meet regularly with employers to identify specific workforce needs, discover job openings and negotiate subsidized and On-the-Job Training contracts. They also help employers avert layoffs through business efficiency training.

“The San Bernardino County Workforce Investment Board's Business Resource Team is one of the many resources that make our region an attractive place for businesses,” said Josie Gonzales, Chair and County of San Bernardino Fifth District Supervisor. “Their hard work and dedication has provided growth opportunities to residents and businesses, positioning the area for future growth.”

See for yourself why the
County of San Bernardino
is the right choice
for your business! Visit:
Meet the Business Resource Team Call: 800-451-JOBS (5627)

• Employee recruitment
• Employee training
• Workforce Access Matrix
• Custed job fairs
• On-site recruitment resources

• Human resources hotline
• Business workshops
• Business consulting services
• “LEAN” strategies, business efficiency and process improvement
• Rapid response and layoff aversion
• Labor market research

For more information about Business and Workforce services visit:
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